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Running out of cash is unbearable, especially among transport operators and drivers like you. With FICOBank’s Transport Operators and Drivers Assistance (TODA) Loan, there’s no more reason to worry about your immediate cash needs. You can now avail of the cash you need for productive and/or providential purpose(s). It’s guaranteed fast, easy, affordable and hassle-free.

This loan product has the following salient features:

  • Loan amount is up to: Php10,000 for Motocycle Solo Model, Php25,000 for Tricycle, Php50,000 for Multicab, and Php100,000 for PUB/PUJ/UV Express;

  • With only 2.5% interest per month;

  • No service charge;

  • Payable for 45 days to 6 months for Motorcylce/Tricycle and up to 1 year for Multicab/PUB/PUJ/UV Express; and

  • Renewable upon payment of at least 80% of the loan.

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