Frequently Asked Questions
What is the business of FICOBank?

We, at FICOBank, are in the business of providing opportunities for economic ascendancy through our accessible and viable financial services and solutions.

For whom FICOBank's business is intended for?

Our business, at FICOBank, will directed to this preferred set of markets:

Core Market—the farmers, fishers and their organizations, the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, the rural, urban and overseas workers, and the professionals and other individuals;

Specialized Market—the high net-worth businessmen and corporate clients, needing big-ticket loan accounts; and

Strategic Market—the underserved (backlogs) and unserved (neglected) segments of the market.

We will satisfy our customers’ expressed and legitimate needs by means of our innovative, accessible and viable financial services and solutions, and in a way and at a level that can help them make their respective aspirations and/or objectives happen.

What are the customers' needs that FICOBank aims to satisfy?

We are committed to satisfying the following customers' needs:

Deposits that have the first-class-rates;

Loans that have the first-rate-terms and conditions; and

Services that have the most-convenient attributes.

How does FICOBank satisfy the needs of its customers?

We satisfy our customers' needs through innovative and accessible financial services and solutions that are combined with first-class-rate and first-rate- services to offer each customer a banking experience that's fit for a king.

What are the core capabilities of FICOBank?

The following are our core capabilities:

Financial Condition—strong, secure and stable balance sheet, which is capable to adapt and respond to the multi-dimensional financing needs of the multi-sectoral clientele;

Human resource (key personnel)—very reliable and highly motivated personnel, who are known for their strength in character, knowledge and skills, as they are nurtured in a learning environment where integrity, professionalism and excellence are brought to life;

Technology and infrastructure—information technology, communication infrastructure and database management, which will optimize performance and efficiency in any process;

Product Development & Marketing—development of innovative financial
products, and use of sales force in personal selling and multi-media in marketing communication, which are capable of attracting and acquiring more customers;

Distribution & Delivery Channel—accessability near-you servicing, with unique, simple and timely delivery of financial products and services that is combined by the convinience of technology;

Brand & Relationship Management—begetting brand loyalty by initiating banking relationships that are greatly valued by the customers and the community; and

Risk Management & Control—availability of strong and effective risk management and control system, which can reduce vulnerability against all types of risk inherent to banking operations.

Corporate Governance—upholding the core principles and best practices of a sound and effective corporate governance, which are characterized by integrity, transparency, accountability, prudence and appropriate control.

The growth of our present and would-be businesses and financial products/services will be supported end-to-end by our core competencies.

What is the corporate-brand promise of FICOBank?

Our corporate-brand promise is to stay in the business banking for good.

Where is the area of the business operation of FICOBank?

As specified in our By-Laws, our area of business operation shall be within the island of Luzon. But, at present, our banking units are placed in 32 strategic locations in Regions I-II-III. You may visit for reference.

What are the basic requirements for the opening of deposit accounts?

For Savings and Checking Accounts:

Individual (any two of the following valid photo-bearing IDs issued by official authorities):

   - Passport, including those issued by foreign governments;
   - Driver’s License;
   - PRC ID;
   - NBI Clearance;
   - Police Clearance;
   - Postal ID;
   - Voter’s ID;
   - Tax Identification Number;
   - Barangay Certification;
   - GSIS e-Card;
   - SSS Card;
   - Senior Citizen Card;
   - OWWA ID;
   - OFW ID;
   - Seaman’s Book;
   - Alien Certification of Registration/Immigrant Certificate of Registration;
   - Government Office and GOCC ID (e.g., AFP, HDMF IDs);
   - Certification from the NCWDP;
   - DSWD Certification;
   - IBP ID;
   - PhilHealth Card; and/or
   - Company IDs issued by private entities or institutions registered with or
     supervised or regulated either by the BSP, SEC or IC.

Single Proprietor (all of the following):

   - DTI Certificate of Registration;
   - Privilege Tax Receipt for the current year; and
   - Mayor’s Permit/Business Permit.

Partnership (all of the following):

   - Articles of Partnership;
   - Certificate of Registration with the SEC; and
   - Agreement on the extent of authority of each partner.

Corporation (all of the following):

   - SEC Registration;
   - Articles of Incorporation;
   - By-Laws; and
   - Board Resolution, naming the officers authorized to sign and the nature
     and extent of such authority.

Association/Organization/Cooperative (all of the following):

   - Certificate of Registration;
   - Constitution and By-Laws/Association Agreement; and
   - Board Resolution, naming the officers authorized to sign and the nature
     and the extent of such authority.

What are the basic requirements for loan application?

Barangay Clearance;
ID picture (2” x 2”), both husband and wife (if applicable); and
Community Tax Certificate (CTC), both husband and wife (if applicable).





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