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FICOBank Has a Successful Promotion for Its 5ingko-Sak2 Savings Account

In just three months after its official launching in March 2019, the 5ingko-Sak2 Savings Account is now showing signs of its potential as a winning deposit product of FICOBank.

The 5ingko-Sak2 Savings Account is an exclusively designed special savings deposit product for the associate members of FICOBank. It has an interest rate of five-to-two percent per annum, in descending order, depending on the amount of the quarterly average daily balance. Aside from the high flexible rate, its quarterly interest is net of withholding tax and documentary stamp tax.

Any natural or juridical person (subject to restrictions provided for by the Anti-Money Laundering Act) may open a 5ingko-Sak2 Savings Account, as long as the same is an existing, or intends to be an, associate member of the Bank, with at least one Preferred “C” Share. A minimum amount of Php100,000.00 is required to open an account. Withdrawal is allowed up to five times per month, provided that the required maintaining balance of at least Php100,000.00 is being maintained by the accountholder.

As the onboarding process is easy, the money deposited deserves something better, and the shareholding is expected as well to receive an attractive dividend, it is not surprising that the discerning financial consumers prefer this FICOBank’s brand of deposit product. That’s why at the end of June, this year, the Bank has recorded a total outstanding deposit balance of Php127 million for its 5ingko-Sak2 Savings Account.

With its effective push-based and pull-based marketing strategies, the Bank is expected to generate more accounts in the coming months.





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