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FICOBank Family Starts the Year Right

For the first hour of the Bank’s first working day in 2019, the FICOBankers in the Corporate Office gathered themselves, as one family, to dedicate the New Year to God’s gracious hands. Pastor David R. Ingiaen, Head Pastor of the Church of God in Echague, Isabela, led the FICOBank family in seeking God’s guidance, protection and provisions, so that the Bank can operate its business better and serve its clients well again. Pastor Ingiaen asked God’s blessings for FICOBank, so as to fulfill its mission of bringing about economic ascendancy for its customers and cooperators. In the course of the devotion time, the FICOBankers in attendance have imbibed the right biblical perspectives in seeing 2019, as another year of God’s favor for the FICOBank family, in the same way as what He did to Noah and his family.

After the guest preacher’s homily and thanksgiving prayer, the Bank’s President & CEO, Atty. Hubert E. Molina, and the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Erwin B. Tabucol, gave their respective New Year’s messages. Everyone is encouraged to work hard and aim for something tangible or intangible that would contribute for the betterment of the Bank, albeit this year’s uncertainties and challenges. The members of the FICOBank family believed that the Bank is secure in God’s hands because they always acknowledge His Divine power in everything they do.

The FICOBank family’s faith in God remains to be the bedrock of what the Bank is today and all through the “sands of time.” And, for 2019, the FICOBankers will altogether be rekindling the FICOBanking spirit, as they take heed of the verse of 2 Timothy 1:6 (NKJV), which says: “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you…”





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