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FICOBank Records Twin Feats in Its Loan-Making Operation

Making loans is the primary business activity of FICOBank. It is the major source of its income and the most sensible means to invest its funds. The Bank continues to make various types of loan products available to support the credit requirements of the people in the community where it generates its funds.

With a sense of purpose, and having no trouble of staying focused on a goal they are passionate about, the 34 operating units of the Bank have successfully created a dramatic impact on the Bank’s loan-making operation. As of June 30, 2018, FICOBank has a record-high loan portfolio of Php3.03 billion.

Reaching the Php3-billion level in loan portfolio is a no-mean feat. It is a sought-after development and a high-point achievement in the four-decade banking existence of FICOBank. After it had been successful in breaching the first billion-peso mark in 2009, the Bank has subsequently notched up its loan portfolio to Php2 billion in 2014.

It may also be noteworthy to mention that this remarkable feat is coupled with the “Top-4” ranking of FICOBank by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, from among the over 500 rural and cooperative banks in the Philippines. Aside from these twin feats, the Bank is on-target in its financial plans, as embedded in its five-year strategic plan dubbed FICOBank 2020.

And as it intends to make loans in pursuance of its institutional mandate, which its resources may permit and its opportunities would afford, the Bank shall operate a clear, sound and effective credit-granting process. It shall ensure that adequate controls over credit risk are always in place to protect its earnings and capital. More importantly, it shall make sure that its loan portfolio is—at all times—collectible, profitable, growing and diversified.





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