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FICOBank’s Customer Service and Personality Development Seminar

Personality development ideally means enhancing and grooming the outer and inner self to bring about a positive change to one’s life. FICOBank recognizes the vital role of its frontline personnel in promoting its corporate identity and customer-service brand. Being a customer-centric organization, the Bank focuses on doing business that provides a positive customer experience. In light of this premise, a two-day Seminar on Customer Service and Personality Development was conducted in order to develop, polish and refine the participants’ distinct persona that would lead to better interpersonal relations with the Bank’s external and internal clients.

A total of 27 participants—composed of tellers, loan bookkeepers, jewelry appraisers and other selected staff—were in attendance to the said seminar on February 18-19, 2017, at the Training Hall of the FICOBank Corporate Office.

The Businessmaker Academy was chosen by the Bank to provide the training service, with Ms. Geraldine “Gege” Sugue as the resource person. Ms. Sugue has been conducting training programs since 1993, and has trained Filipino and foreign employees from Levi’s Strauss & Company, Skykes Asia, Lafarge and Royal Sporting House, among others.

At the end of the training, the Bank’s participants have learned to embrace the customer-centric culture. And they are now fully prepared to: (i) give impressive and consistent service to the customers; (ii) establish rapport with clients, integrate a professional, yet personal, approach and find ways to satisfy and build good customer relationships; (iii) create a winning personal and corporate identity; (iv) package themselves through proper dressing and grooming; and (v) carry themselves with self-confidence.


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