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Focusing on FICOBank 2020

FICOBank is not only an organization, but an organism as well. As a juridical person, with a life form, it has also its own DNA that carries its genetic characteristics or distinct corporate identity.

Our corporate DNA, which represents our business purpose, corporate philosophy, brand promise and core values, binds us together to foster our unique character and to propel our development and growth.

In cognizance of our Bank’s corporate DNA, and in the furtherance of our business interest, we will keep our focus on our strategic pursuits in 2016-2020, involving our vision (our desired image), mission (our institutional commitment) and goals—the general end-points toward which our efforts are directed.

Our strategic pursuits imply extraordinary change, and this must go beyond the usual—doing better than what we’ve been doing all along. As such, we have to make our tactical moves with regard to our business thrusts, strategy, drivers, growth avenues and objectives. Our market set, key capabilities and competitive advantage must be well-defined to ably support our growth and competitiveness. And we are all geared up to carry out higher, broader and more-sophisticated levels of business operations.

To make sure that we are precise in our moves, we link our strategic plans, particularly our growth opportunities and business intents, with our operational and financial plans. Our operational plan has two components, namely: the result-based plan and the reform-based plan. The former specifies our key result areas, prescribes our performance indicators and unlocks our expected results. The latter incorporates our integrated programs, necessary interventions (i.e., related projects and activities/tasks, realistic timeframes, and responsible units/persons) and expected outcomes. All of these, of course, are translated into figures through our financial plan, which is made up of our projected statements of financial condition, income and cash flow.

To get things going and done at the right time, on the right track, in the right manner and by the right people, we will make all the needed resources, as well as the effective control mechanisms, available by all means.

As we are focused on the framework of our 2016-2020 Integrated Plans for Growth and Competitiveness, and with God’s guidance and goodness, we will prevail over our challenges and emerge as a dominant community bank in North Luzon and a vital catalyst for the economic ascendancy of our customers and cooperators.





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