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FICOBank Remains ‘Numero Uno’ in Philippine Cooperative Banking

In the business of banking, being number one is not merely a claim of making it to the top among all the relative players in the industry; rather, it signifies the fulfillment of one’s business commitment to its core stakeholders. Mindful of this, FICOBank positioned itself, for the nth time, as numero uno in the Philippine cooperative banking for calendar year 2016.

The records of both the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) showed that FICOBank ranked “first” among the 29 cooperative banks, as to financial resources. It is noteworthy to mention too that, as of end-2016, FICOBank clinched the fifth rank, as to total assets, among the 500 rural and cooperative banks in the country (source:

Beyond this great achievement is the heartening reality that the Bank is also the numero uno in the hearts and minds of the people it serves. The never-ending patronage of its ever-growing number of clientele, as well as the never-fading support of its cooperators (shareholders and employees) and business allies, is an affirmation of FICOBank’s infinite commitment to making exceptional banking experience happen through its product-service repertoire and customer-service brand’s points of contact—from start to finish.

For FICOBank, being numero uno means three significant things. Firstly, the Bank is meeting its business purpose. Secondly, it is making its financial performance beyond compare. Lastly, it is marking its legacy in the Philippine cooperative banking industry.

Of course, FICOBank will never rest on its laurels. It will continue to keep on achieving even-better financial results and remain in the top tier of the cooperative banking industry’s totem pole.





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