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FICOBanks Position Itself as Dominant Market Player

Market share indexes—absolute and relative—show a brand’s success in the market. Relative market share, in particular, is a metric in comparing a company’s relative position across different markets, and in evaluating the type and degree of competition in those markets. FICOBank used the same as a gauge in measuring how well its operating units are performing in their geographic markets. And, based on FICOBank’s relative market share analysis, as to deposit-taking and loan-making operations, a number of its operating units are performing well in their respective service areas.

It is worth mentioning that, as to deposit-taking operation, FICOBank Solana’s relative market share is 639,069.36 times bigger than that of its sole competitor in the locality. There are also five branches of FICOBank that are doing better than their respective competitors. These are the Bank’s branches in Echague, Maddela, Jones, Diffun and Aurora with relative market share of 7.13, 6.90, 5.64, 3.34 and 2.92, respectively.

In terms of loan-making operation, FICOBank Solana is again the market leader in its service area, with a whopping relative market share of 76.26. It is notable too that, aside from the said branch, there are 13 more operating units of the Bank that have also exceeded the average loan portfolio of the other banking units/offices in their respective areas of operation. These include the Bank’s center/branches in Roxas (2.62), Alicia (6.01), Jones (5.57), Maddela (4.70), Echague (3.85), Aurora (2.69), Diffun (2.50), Malasiqui (2.10), Paniqui (1.48), Guimba (1.43), Lingayen (1.33), Rizal (1.19) and Concepcion (1.06).

The foregoing results of market analysis imply that the presence of FICOBank is strongly felt in several geographic markets. With these remarkable market positions of its operating units, there’s no doubt that FICOBank is making a rapid pace of progress in realizing its vision of becoming a dominant community bank in North Luzon (Regions I-II-III and CAR) by year 2020.





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