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FICOBank Roxas Tops the 2016 Performance Ranking

Being the top-ranking branch for about a decade from the start of the 21st century (under the leadership of its erstwhile Manager, Ms. Zorina S. Aradanas), and which has been performing so well of late, FICOBank Roxas has once again stood out among the 32 operating units of the Bank in pulling off the overall best performance for CY 2016.

FICOBank Roxas, the first-ever stand-alone operating unit of the Bank, which is proficiently managed by the six-time Best-Performing Manager, Ms. Ma. Pilar Milagros C. Atienza, has a very satisfactory performance rating of 115.99 percent. The performance evaluation conducted independently by the Bank’s Internal Audit Department revealed that it did not only surpass all of its targets in the different key result areas (KRAs) but also did better than the other units.

The other operating units that did not rank No. 1 but did well enough to be included in the list of awardees, as runners-up in rank order, are the San Mateo Branch (115.58%), Cauayan Branch (111.88%), Alicia Branch (111.39%), Tuguegarao Branch (109.73%), Lingayen Branch (107.61%), San Jose Branch (107.03%), Gapan Branch (104.61%), Ilagan Branch (104.45%), Head Office (104.36%), Aparri Branch (104.19%), Solano Branch (100.98%), Guimba Branch (97.36%) and Bambang Branch (95.16%).

The annual performance evaluation is a corporate tradition that is practiced ad infinitum by the Bank to assess each operating unit’s achievement of targets and compliance with policies, and to give the corresponding incentives and honors to the “cream of the crop.”


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