Get a fresh fund for your cash-strapped agribusiness activity. FICOBank’s Bridge Financing provides a suitable solution to the current financial requirements of the palay seed growers, like you, whose working capitals are tied to receivables. It enables you to “bridge” the gap between the time you need funds and the time your sales on accounts are collected.

This facility has the following salient features:

  • Can be accessed by seed growers;

  • Loan amount is up to Php8,000,000.00;

  • Term of loan is one (1) to six (6) month(s);

  • Mode of payment is lump sum; and

  • Financing is secured by Delivery Receipt/Sales Invoice/Assignment of Receivable duly guaranteed by a cooperative.

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e-mail : customercare@ficobank.com
Skype : ficobank.bdd
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