Strategic Pursuits


Into 2026, we will be BETTER…BIGGER…STRONGER to lead as a customer-centric community bank in North and Central Luzon with a strong brand presence, a stable and sizable customer base and a benchmark in customer convenience to provide economic opportunities, growth and development to our stakeholders.


As a bank with community orientation, we are committed to providing our customers and cooperators the opportunity to bring about economic ascendancy for themselves and their respective families and localities through our innovative, accessible and viable financial services and solutions.

Being a provider of financial services and solutions, and a portal of economic ascendancy, we ought to:

Harness the untapped savings and investment resources of the people in North and Central Luzon (Regions I-II-III and CAR);

Provide loans and other financial services and solutions to the same localities where we source our funds through our operating units; and
3. Reward our customers and cooperators (shareholders and employees) alike for their respective patronage to, and participation in, our financial services and allied undertakings.
By practicing the essential cooperative principles in a corporate-like setting, with unibank-caliber management corps, and by keeping our distinct trademark of being a valuable community asset, we will be a bank that makes a big difference.


The importance of setting goals in our business cannot be taken too lightly, as our goals are the springboard to an end result. Guiding us toward defined institutional objectives, we will use these goals in growing and sustaining our business, in prevailing over our challenges, and in measuring our performance.

That's why we are resolute to achieve the following organizational goals, the general end-points toward which our efforts are directed:


Brand Prominence - pursuing the uniqueness of our corporate brand, as a valuable community asset and an instrument for socio-economic development;

2. Service Excellence - providing first-class financial products/services and first-rate customer service, as a first-choice bank;
3. Market Dominance - enabling operating units to dominate their markets by winning their battles to capture the needed leadership in their respective areas of operation;
4. Business Viability - generating sufficient income to build up capital, provide return on investments and expand business operations;
5. Institutional Sustainability - ensuring sustained financial stability and institutional resiliency, as a community bank;
6. Shareholder Value - recognizing the importance of providing shareholders’ benefits, in harmonious balance with the need for reinvestment of earnings; and
7. Participation Rewards - granting a reasonable percentage of the net income for customers’ patronage refund and employees’ performance incentive.





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