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FICOBank Gonzaga Launches the First Salvo of Its Banking Services

As part of its continuing saga in network expansion, FICOBank established its new branch in Gonzaga, Cagayan. After an exhaustive preparation by the Senior Management and the Northeast Luzon Area Office, with the full support of the Treasury & Corporate Services Group, FICOBank Gonzaga eventually launched the first salvo of its banking services on June 8, 2018.

During the grand opening, the Board of Directors, the Senior Management, the support departments/offices, the area-wide operating units and the branch team of FICOBank Gonzaga made sure of the success of this momentous event. Making the occasion more significant was the attendance of, and participation by, the local dignitaries, prospective clients, police officers, public and private employees, and a reverend of a particular religious group who officiated the blessing and dedication rites.

This newly opened branch of the Bank is located along the busy road of the Gonzaga Public Market in Smart (Poblacion). It serves as the Bank’s sales and service-delivery channel for its deposit and loan products and fee-based services. Both President Hubert E. Molina and Chairman Erwin B. Tabucol of FICOBank said that the Local Government Unit of Gonzaga, through a Sangguniang Bayan Resolution, requested the Bank a few years back to put up its branch in this municipality, as it is very important for the townsfolk to have its branch nearby. Gonzaga Mayor Marilyn S. Pentecostes pointed out that the proximity of FICOBank’s branch is a major factor for them to patronize its banking services. With its branch opening and near-you servicing in Gonzaga, the distribution strength of FICOBank for its product-service repertoire in the financial market will surely be bolstered.

As to his thoughts about the branch, BM Gao Rodriguez related, “Gonzaga is a first-class agricultural municipality, with more than half of the workforce employed primarily as either farmers or fishers. Approximately 5,500 hectares of agricultural land are currently under production, the majority of which are dedicated to rice farming. It has a population of 38,892 as of 2015 census.” BM Rodriguez added, “We will exert greater efforts to penetrate a larger segment of the market, so as to acquire a bigger number of clients. We want our branch to operate and perform just like the top operating units of the Bank. Thus, we will work doubly hard in Gonzaga, our primary service area, and the adjacent municipalities of Santa Ana, Santa Teresita, Lal-lo and Buguey, our secondary service areas, to win the confidence and patronage of the banking public.”

With the opening of FICOBank Gonzaga—the 34th operating unit of the Bank—a stronger market presence and a bigger market share are expected beyond doubt. And, with the sterling leadership of BM Rodriguez and the tangible cooperation of the members of his branch team, FICOBank Gonzaga will be another top-performing branch in the making.


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