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A Day Out at the Beach for the FICOBank Luau Party

To boost the morale of its employees, and let them have fun (and pun) at the same time, FICOBank held its Luau Party on June 15, 2018 at the Treasures of Bolinao Beach Resort and Hotel in Patar, Bolinao, Pangasinan. The venue is a “treasure” per se, and is indeed a conducive place for the FICOBank Summer Outing 2018.

The rainy weather could not, in any way, hinder the burning hearts and soaring spirit of the FICOBankers, as they took part in this year’s summer outing. The Luau Party was preceded by a team-building activity. It was participated by five teams—the White Fox Team, the Red Dragon Team, the Blue Eagle Team, the Yellow Tiger Team and the Green Lion Team. The passion for camaraderie and teamwork has been truly apparent among the members of the FICOBank family, albeit they belonged to different teams at that particular point. After the competition, the Blue Eagle Team was adjudged the champion.

With a Hawaiian-inspired setup and getups, the first-ever Search for Mrs. FICOBank and Battle of the Funniest Acts were held during the Luau Party. Loud cheers filled the event’s place, as the different teams were in full force to support their respective candidates/contestants. After showing their glamour and ability, Ms. Sienna dela Cruz won the crown as Mrs. FICOBank. On the other hand, with the four contestants’ comic scripts and acts, which prompted the crowd to laugh out loud, the group of Mr. Jerome Donato, Mr. Marlon Orfano and Mr. Eric Manuel was eventually proclaimed winner for the funniest-act contest.

The aloha spirit—of greeting someone, feeling part of a community, sharing time and talent, showing affection or friendship, cherishing a wonderful world, relishing an enjoyable life, and saying goodbye—didn’t only pervade the FICOBank family but also prevail throughout the day out at the Treasures of Bolinao Beach Resort.


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