An effective and efficient management of the banking operations of FICOBank is deemed essential in keeping its institutional identity, as the best-of-breed community bank, and in staying in the business of banking for good. Keeping this notion in mind, and, in line with its growth and expansion initiatives, the Bank has to strengthen, give focus on, and reinforce supervision to, all the operating units through its area offices. These existing offices in Northeast Luzon Area (Region 2 & CAR) and Northwest-Central Luzon Area (Regions 1 & 3) have the primary purpose of overseeing the banking operations of FICOBank at the area level.

In general, the area offices are vested with the principal mandate of managing, monitoring, reporting and controlling the banking operations of FICOBank within their jurisdiction. Specifically, the area offices are mandated to manage the overall areawide business of the Bank, oversee the operations of the branches within their sphere of authority and control, and make sure that the full range of the banking operations is effective/efficient and in sync with the Bank’s business strategy.

In the annual meeting of each areawide Operations Committee (OPCOM), the Area Manager and the Center/Branch Managers jointly develop the programs and action plans that aim to improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the operating units. And during their respective OPCOM meetings, they assess the respective performances of their operating units, and identify and resolve, as necessary, their operational problems, issues, needs and concerns, or elevate to the Executive Vice President for Operation & Banking Services those ones that need the attention of the Senior Management.

In the performance of their oversight function, the Area Managers see to the preparation of operational plans and budget of the branches, and the attainment of the same at the end of the year. They also promote the best banking practices across all operating units in the area and provide support to their marketing initiatives and activities. And, last but not least, they ensure full compliance with all the pertinent policies, processes, procedures, guidelines and standards of the Bank, as well as the applicable laws, rules, regulations and requirements of the government.

So as to support the business growth and expansion of the Bank, the area offices are continuously making strong and significant footprints in the market. Enabling their respective operating units to gain foothold in the financial market, from which further prosperity and popularity can be pulled off, matters most to FICOBank’s quest for staying evergreen in the field of banking.





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