Growing the business of the Bank is not an easy task. But, with the ever reliable group of frontliners, who are responsible for its business operations and functions, the Bank is making exceptional leverage on their collective performance.

The offices, branches and centers, which belong to the frontline group in the operation and banking services, are the most important part of the twofold bottom-line business goals of the Bank—net income and customer satisfaction. Indeed, they are of the essence to bringing its business strategy and operational plans to life and fruition, respectively.

These frontliners are directly responsible in selling the various financial products of the Bank and in delivering its services to a large number of clients in different market segments, geographic locations and distribution channels. As brand ambassadors, they take charge in providing a first-rate customer service to keep the clients satisfied and retain them on a longer term. Their activities are laser-focused on these five-pronged key result areas (KRAs), namely: deposit generation, loan production, net income accumulation, past due reduction and preferred share collection. Most importantly, they ensure that the bankwide budget and targets are being realized or exceeded.

As the competition in the financial service sector is so intense, the battle for market share and profit is not an easy one to fight either. And “battles aren’t won with a single soldier, but an entire army.” Having a formidable and dependable army of frontliners, the Bank maintains its market dominance and leadership in its territories.

With the operation and banking services group in the frontline, the stakeholders of the Bank can be assured that it is always on track in its strategic direction and on target in its financial projection; thus, keeping the brand promise of staying in the business of banking for good.





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