The Bank combined its corporate departments, offices and units into one solid and responsive organizational group—based on specialized knowledge and expertise—to look after and take charge of the Bank’s corporate services that involve administrative, finance, control and support-service functions.

These entities at the Head Office have enabled, and continuously making possible for, the Bank to have effective business models and frameworks, innovative products and services, reliable and highly motivated personnel, continued network expansion, greater financial strength, reputable corporate image, enhanced franchise value, and long-term business continuity and resiliency. FICOBank’s popularity, as a best-in-class bank, continues to build up into iconic proportions because of them.

Being the vital cogs of the Bank’s corporate services, they are mandated and expected to bring about effective human resource management, reliable financial management, sound risk management, impressive product and brand management, impactful planning and technical writing, extensive marketing communication, stricter internal controls, appropriate technological infrastructure, consistent independent credit review, strong legal and remedial management, speedy disposal of acquired assets, prudent financial reporting, credible risk-based internal auditing, intense bank security, full compliance with law and regulatory requirements, and so forth.

Assuming full responsibility to serve the Bank’s internal customers, supervisory/regulatory authorities, business/development partners and other external stakeholders, they are always at their best to provide the needed corporate services.





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Inter-Branch Deposit Online Money Transfer Western Union Money Transfer GCash Money Transfer Project i2i
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