The operating units—head office, branches and center—and their business operations are FICOBank’s portal and passport to success. They deliver the key results, as planned, which include better operational outcomes, greater financial strength, non-stop business growth and long-term resiliency of the banking network. As expected, they prevail over the competition to capture the market leadership in their designated geographic areas of operation.

The operating units are the frontline offices of the Bank. They are considered as the most-important delivery channels for its product-service repertoire, and the most-useful place of contact between the Bank and its clientele for its business activities that involve customer interaction, such as deposit-taking, lending, cash-dispensing, fund-wiring, and so forth. They ably and aptly handle the diverse financial requirements and transactions of the clients that provide for the main income stream of the Bank.

In a substantial way, the operating units make the presence of FICOBank strongly felt in its territories in Regions I-II-III and CAR, as they serve the banking public, with a heart, particularly the: farmers, fishers and their organizations; micro, small and medium entrepreneurs; rural, urban and overseas workers; and other segments of the market. They aren’t there just to offer a safe place for the people’s money, but they’re there to help these people manage their finances and enable them to save regularly, invest wisely and borrow rationally, in a way that will ultimately help them achieve their respective goals and aspirations. And they remain true-blue to their avowed roles, as the “brand ambassadors” of the Bank and the “lifestyle enablers” of the customers.

All of these operating units adopt a personalized approach to banking that places high value on creating, building and maintaining a closer customer relationship—with a more personal touch and local flair. By providing the customers with a satisfying banking experience, they portray a true expression of FICOBank’s corporate identity as a valuable community asset for the local populace.





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Inter-Branch Deposit Online Money Transfer Western Union Money Transfer GCash Money Transfer Project i2i
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