The role of the Bank’s Senior Management bears significant authority, accountability and responsibility. Consisting of high-ranked executives in the upper echelons of management, the Senior Management is vested with the authority for the overall management of the business activities and corporate affairs of the Bank. Being accountable to the Board of Directors, it is expected to ensure not only the institutional survival of the Bank but also its financial stability and operational sustainability.

The Senior Management has the responsibility to contribute substantially to the corporate governance of the Bank by helping the Board set the tone at the top, providing adequate oversight of the respective organizational entities each executive has to manage, and ensuring that its activities are consistent with the Board-approved business strategy, risk appetite and standing policies.

Consistent with the directives of the Board, the Senior Management implements appropriate systems for managing the various risks—both financial and non-financial—to which the Bank is exposed to. These include, among others, a comprehensive risk management framework, effective systems of internal controls, proactive business continuity/resiliency approaches and responsive business processes.

As it is in charge for delegating authority and assigning tasks to the lower echelons, it establishes a management structure that encourages creativity and productivity, promotes accountability and transparency, and ensures compliance with policies, laws and regulations on both a long-term and day-to-day basis. And it remains cognizant of its obligation to oversee the exercise and execution of such authority and tasks, respectively, as it’s ultimately responsible for the performance of the Bank.

With the Senior Management at the helm, the Bank is assured of safe business activities and sound corporate affairs.





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